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Australian gemfish samples to help understand taxonomy of the group

Gemfish in Australia are a single species, Rexea solandri (pictured). Given the vast size of Australia’s southern coastline and the high biodiversity among other bony fish, it is unusual that there is only one species in Australia. Colleagues at Stellenbosch University in South Africa are undertaking a study of the family Gempylidae, to which the Australian […]

Andy Moore discusses outcomes of Gemfish project at UQ

Andy Moore from ABARES (Canberra) visited MFL last week. Jenny and Andy worked together on the draft final report for the Gemfish project. They also worked on their presentation at the World Fisheries Congress, and discusses a range of problems facing Australian fisheries managers. Photo shows Andy (right) and Jenny (centre) after meeting with Dean Blower […]

Gemfish project featured at the World Fisheries Congress in Korea

Genetic analysis of the Gemfish south of Australia has been a major focus of work underway in the laboratory for several years. Details of the project will be discussed in a talk as part of the World Fisheries Congress in Korea in May 2016. The authors of the talk (Jenny Ovenden and Andy Moore) will argue that the […]

Stock structure of tropical reef fish – project meeting

Project scientists from Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland are meeting in Brisbane to discuss and synthesise scientific results. New information from genetics, otolith chemistry and parasite has been collected from three important tropical inshore fish species to guide sustainable management into the future. Read more about the project here. L to R: Front Laura Taillebois, […]

New publication on a threatened species of ray (Rhynchobatus australiae)

        Fins from this shark-like ray (Rhynchobatus australiae) are highly sought after for their large size and pale colour. Here, Jenny Giles and colleagues present new genetic data that will allow fins to be identified to species level plus morphological information about the species across its range in South East Asia. The […]

Symposium on fish, genes and genomes

The Fisheries Society of the British Isles has posted a preliminary program for this Symposium. It will be held at Bangor University (Wales, UK) in July 2016. Invited speakers include Robin Waples  NOAA Fisheries Seattle USA, Louis Bernatchez  Université Laval Québec Canada, Dorte Bekkevold  DTU Aqua Denmark, John Casey  Fisheries & Aquaculture Sector European Commission Italy, Axel Meyer  Universität Konstanz […]

Genetic status of Tiger Shark in Australia

Congratulations to Safia Maher who has completed her BSc Hons project on tiger shark genetics at MFL. Safia gave a seminar at UQ last Friday summarising her work. By analysing DNA extracted from tiger shark jaws and modern samples, Safia has been able to quantify a change in genetic diversity on the eastern compared to the western coast […]