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Investigating the genetic stock structure of blue marlin in the Pacific Ocean

A new paper from the Laboratory reports on the degree of connectivity in blue marlin populations across the Pacific Ocean using genomic markers (6204 SNP and 17 microsatellite loci) . It provides much-needed new information for the management of this highly migratory and highly sought-after species.

PhD student Sam Williams wins international travel award

PhD student Sam Williams will be supported by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation to attend an international conference and study tour in Canada. The award is for young future leaders in the Australian recreational fishing community. The bursary includes attendance to the World Recreational Fishing Conference in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and a study tour following the conference. Topics to […]

Awards for MFL postgraduate students

Three MFL students have been awarded funds for travel and research. Carolina Vargas-Caro and Safia Maher received Student Travel Awards to attend the upcoming conference of the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society and Oceania Chondrichthyan Society at the University of Auckland 6 – 9th July 2015. Carolina will speak about her work on the population […]

Genetics reveal not one but many breeding populations of Black Marlin

Project Black Marlin has reached a major milestone with the completion of Samuel William’s honours thesis. We have been able to reject the idea of only one breeding population of Black Marlin the Indian and Pacific Ocean, using fin-clips collected by the game-fishing community in Australia and by Sam from fish markets in Taiwan. Sam has evidence […]

Project Black Marlin Update

Samuel Williams and collaborator Julian Pepperell have released the April edition of the Black Marlin Bulletin. Download the April Black Marlin Bulletin here. Find out more about Project Black Marlin on the MFL web site. Sam has completed population genetic analyses of the species in waters around Australia and in the South China Sea. The […]