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“Shark Futures” Project Meeting

This project will assist fisheries businesses on the northern coast of NSW to sustainably and profitably harvest shark species.  New information will be provided to determine the sustainable total allowable catch of shark. The project began in January 2012 and is set to be completed in 2014. For more information about the project, click here. […]

Attention anglers – black marlin tissue samples (fin-clips) needed

The fishing season for black marlin has begun on the east Australian coast. The black marlin research project needs new tissue samples from freshly-caught fish. Read about the project here. For information about the survival of marlin that are caught and released and tissue sampling program, download the Black Marlin Bulletin for Sept 2013.  

Not all jungle perch can be a spawn star

Matt Hoskin, Jess Morgan and Lisa Pope headed to Bribie Island Research Centre this week. Matt presented the outcomes of on his honours work, where he worked out how many jungle perch were breeding in each tank using DNA fingerprinting. It turned out that in most tanks, most of the larvae were produced by a […]

Gemfish project commences at UQ

Andy Moore and Jenny Ovenden began the Gemfish research project at UQ in a series of meetings in August 2013. Read about this project here. Andy and Jenny set up the sampling protocol for genetic analyses, as well for the collection of otolith and gonad samples, to investigate alternate biological stock models for the resource […]

New version of NeEstimator software (v2.0) available to download.

The development team of Chi Do, Robin Waples, David Peel, Bree Tillett and Jenny Ovenden have been working together since March 2010 to produce this major re-write of the original NeEstimator software. The re-write brings together three methods that produce estimates of effective size from a single population sample of genotypes. It also implements the […]

MFL members present work to Fish Conference in Okinawa, Japan

Tom Kashiwagi, Jess Morgan and Jenny Ovenden gave presentations to the IndoPacific Fish Conference in Okinawa, Japan in June 2013. Tom presented work from his PhD thesis “Population dynamics of reef manta ray: multidecadal observation, mark & recapture and effective population size”. Jess gave two talks; “Australian mackerel found with mitochondrial genomes from two species” […]

Grey mackerel mitochondrial genomes do weird stuff in northern Queensland

Read the newest publication of the Molecular Fisheries Laboratory about mitochondrial DNA in grey mackerel. Morgan, J. A. T., Macbeth, G. M., Broderick, D., Whatmore, P., Street, R., Welch, D. J. & Ovenden, J. R. (2013). Hybridisation, paternal leakage and mitochondrial DNA linearization in three anomalous fish (Scombridae). Mitochondrion.