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Genetic, parasite and otolith study on a northern Australian finfish

Congratulations to Di Barton for leading this huge collaborative study on Grass Emperor genetics, otoliths and parasites. Download the paper here. Front (L to R) Laura Taillebois, Safia Maher, Dave Welch, Di Barton, Christine Dudgeon, Jenny Ovenden Back Richard Saunders, Dave Crook, Thor Saunders, Steve Newman and Jonathan Taylor  

Detecting and solving fraud in snapper markets

MFL was happy to host a visit by Dr Donna Cawthorn from the Mariani MolEcoLab, School of Environment and Life Sciences, University of Salford, UK. Donna is a Marie-Curie Fellow working on snappers (Lutjanidae), which are the most highly prized and important fisheries resources throughout the warm waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. But […]

Stock structure of tropical reef fish – project meeting

Project scientists from Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland are meeting in Brisbane to discuss and synthesise scientific results. New information from genetics, otolith chemistry and parasite has been collected from three important tropical inshore fish species to guide sustainable management into the future. Read more about the project here. L to R: Front Laura Taillebois, […]

Working with DNA from northern Australian fish species.

Christine Dudgeon has started work at MFL on the NT Fisheries project. Chris will be genotyping three inshore reef species following on from work done at Charles Darwin University by collaborator Laura Taillebois and others. Collection of samples for this project have spanned northern Australia from Queensland to Western Australia. Chris runs the “Spot the Leopard Shark” […]

Collaborative sample collection effort underway in Northern Australia

Perhaps more than other fisheries research, projects involving the application of genetics rely on the expertise and cooperation of others to provide samples for analysis. MFL is pleased to work with a diverse team to define the stock structure of key species in northern Australia. In this project, indigenous rangers, fisheries scientists and government experts […]

New scientific research on popular recreational fish species in the Australian tropics

Laura Taillebois and Jenny Ovenden are part of a project to understand the population structure of species that are popular with recreational fishers. Damien Broderick holds a Black jewfish (Protonibea dicanthus) caught in waters off Darwin (Northern Territory, Australia) by Jenny (right). Laura and Jenny will be combining genetic data with parasite and otolith chemistry information from […]