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Register now for Genetics Training Workshop

Registration for the Genetics Training workshop is now open. The course is led by Jenny Ovenden (left, population genetics) and Andy Moore (right, fisheries scientist). Jenny and Andy believe that genetics does not solve any problem unless managers and policy-makers understand the results. The two-day training course will demystify population genetic research for those working with fisheries and threatened, endangered or protected species. The […]

Genetics training workshop

Genetics plays an important role in the responsible management of animal populations, but is a complex field dense with jargon and concepts. At the ASFB-OCS conference in Hobart next week (#ASFBOCS2016), we will be announcing a workshop to aimed at providing simple guidelines for interpreting genetic studies. More information? Click here.

Answers to technical query posted on EvolDir

A few weeks ago Jenny Ovenden posted the following query to EvolDir. “Does anyone have a user-friendly way of inputting data into CLUMPP and DISTRUCT? CLUMPP averages results across STRUCTURE simulations once K has been selected, and DISTRUCT produces the STRUCTURE figure.The challenge is that both are command-line programs, and DISTRUCT mac version seems broken […]

How to …….. use genetics in fisheries science

This pamphlet is a jargon-free zone for everyone interested the sustainable exploitation and conservation of marine and freshwater fishes. A download link to the pdf document can be found here.