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Life history and genetic structure of three commercially targeted sharks in temperate eastern Australian waters

Pascal Geraghty has completed his PhD thesis at Macquarie University, Sydney. Pascal studied three shark species (dusky shark – Carcharhinus obscurus, , spinner shark – C. brevipinna, and sandbar shark – C. plumbeus). The thesis addresses important questions about the resilience of populations to fishing-induced mortality and the sustainability of the local fishery in inshore waters adjacent […]

How to …….. use genetics in fisheries science

This pamphlet is a jargon-free zone for everyone interested the sustainable exploitation and conservation of marine and freshwater fishes. A download link to the pdf document can be found here.

Genetics and Queensland sharks

Jess and Jenny updated fisheries stock assessment modellers (George from the Queensland Government; Peter from CARM at UQ) about the spatial extent of populations of commercially harvested shark species in Queensland. Genetic information will guide the extent of the models along the Queensland coast. For example milkshark are likely to be a single population, but […]

Goin’ for a spin ………

A new paper from PhD student Pascal Geraghty suggests that large sharks don’t move along the coasts as far as expected. Pascal’s work shows that spinner sharks (Carcharhinus brevipinna) from Australia are separate to those in southern Africa. There may also be two separate populations in tropical Australian waters. Want to know more? Click here to […]