Tragedy for inspirational leader

The house of Fred Allendorf and his wife was demolished by an avalanche last month (details below).

MFL sends sympathy and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Wildlife Biology Program – University of Montana – – 
March 4, 2014

Dear friends, As you may know, our dear friend and colleague Fred
Allendorf has been through a tragedy. Last Friday, February 28, an
avalanche was triggered in a gully on Mount Jumbo that ends at the
home where Fred, Michel (his wife), and children have lived for over
20 years.  The avalanche demolished the home, and buried Fred, Michel,
and an 8-year old boy from a neighboring house. All three people
were recovered from the snow and wreckage in the following hours, and
rushed to the hospital. The boy, Phoenix, has since been released from
the hospital.  Fred remains in serious condition with 17 broken ribs,
several broken vertebrae, and some internal bleeding, but prospects for
his recovery are good. Sadly, Michel passed away on Sunday night. Michel
was the first woman to earn a degree in Wildlife Biology at the University
of Montana after it became an interdisciplinary program in 1965. She was
a wonderful, caring, and adventurous person. She will be sorely missed
by all who knew her, and it breaks all of our hearts to think of what
Fred is going through. Since the avalanche, there has been a wave of
support for Fred and Michel from people all over the world. This support
means a lot to Fred, and will continue to be important in the coming
days and weeks. Also, “The Allendorf Family Fund” has been established
for those wishing to make financial contributions to help Fred and his
family recover.  Donations can be made directly at any branch of the
Missoula Federal Credit Union (MFCU), sent to MFCU at 3600 Brooks St.,
Missoula MT 59801, made over the phone by calling (406) 523-3300, or by
e-banking to MFCU account 277580. You can also make contact through the
“Contact Us” link on the MFCU website, On
behalf of all of Fred’s friends and colleagues at the University of
Montana, thank you for your support during this difficult time.

Sincerely, Winsor Lowe Charlie Janson Mike Mitchell Interim Director, 
Wildlife Biology Program
Associate Dean Unit Leader Associate Professor, Biological Sciences 
Division of Biological
Sciences Coop. Wildlife Research Unit 
(406) 243-4375 (406) 243-5122 (406) 243-4390