Seeking a PhD project involving sharks and genetics?

100415 Marché Nouméa 01modColleagues of the MFL at CSIRO and University of Tasmania in Hobart are looking for candidates for this PhD project on sharks in Papua New Guinea.

Contact them directly if you are interested.

Project Title: Population Connectivity of Sharks in the Western South Pacific

Project Location: Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania, QMS PhD Project

Project Supervisors: Dr Sean Tracey, IMAS, +61 3 62277286;; Dr Sharon Appleyard, CSIRO, +61 3 6232 5458;; Dr William White, CSIRO, +61 3 62325144;

Project Description: As part of a joint Australian/Papua New Guinea CSIRO/NFA (National Fisheries Association)/ACIAR (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research) project entitled ‘Sustainable management of the shark resources of Papua New Guinea: socioeconomic and biological characteristics of the fishery’ we are seeking an Australian or New Zealand postgraduate student to develop and deploy contemporary and next generation genomic markers in various shark species from Papua New Guinea. The shark fishery in PNG is the country’s 5th most important export fishery however there is no information on the sustainability of the fishery. Additionally, there is an important need to understand the extent to which PNG sharks are shared with neighbouring countries with this information contributing to co-operative management between countries.

(photo credit: Thomas Vignaud)