Gemfish project update – sampling completed

Sample summary
All biological samples required for the gemfish project have been collected from across the range of the fishery (see map).

We have adequate samples of genetic material, and we have useful information about the reproductive status of individuals sampled. We also have the distribution at the sampling locations of fish of varying sizes. The fishing industry has agreed to provide additional samples so we can extend this work in future if required.

Initial analysis of reproductive stage and length data has indicated that during summer fish aggregate for spawning in western Great Australian Bight and near Kangaroo Island (Portland).

Genetic analyses of fish is going ahead to test the idea that if there are separate stocks of gemfish in southern Australia the stocks will be centred on these spawning aggregations.

The next milestone is a draft final report of the scientific outcomes of the project, which will be presented to industry and other stakeholders towards the end of 2015.