Final workshop for Shark Futures project – Sydney Institute of Marine Science

SIMS_July2015Dean and Jenny presented their work to the final workshop for the FRDC-funded project “Shark Futures: sustainable management of the NSW whaler shark fishery“.

Their role within the project was to genetically resolve the effective population size of the dusky and sandbar sharks targeted in the Ocean Trap and Line Fishery.

Vic Peddemors, Paul Butcher and Will Macbeth (project co-investigators) talked about other components of the work such as tagging data, bycatch mitigation, the efficacy of the shark identification guide-book and data collection from landed catch.

Left to right: Trevor Daly (Fisheries NSW – threatened species), Jessica Morris (Humane Society International), Tooni Mahto (Australian Marine Conservation Society), Fiona McKinnon (Fisheries NSW – fishery manager), Paul Butcher (Fisheries NSW), Will Macbeth (Independent – NSW Fisheries Observer Program), Joshua Fielding (FRDC), Damian Collins (NSW DPI Biometrician) and Dean Blower (MFL, UQ) with Vic Peddemors (Fisheries NSW – out of frame).