Einar Nielsen arrives at MFL

First Jaw arrives 8 Jan 2015Professor Einar NielsenĀ has arrived to work at MFL during 2015.

Einar is theĀ Research Coordinator of the Section for Marine Living Resources, National Institute of Aquatic Resources at the Technical University of Denmark.

He is interested in

  • Identification of genetic population structure in freshwater, anadromous and marine fish and the environmental and ecological drivers responsible for population divergence.
  • Understanding the genomic basis of adaptation and micro-evolution in marine fish in space and time in response to environmental change and exploitation.
  • Development of genomic tools for DNA and RNA analysis of fish, including DNA analysis of historical archived scale and otolith collections.
  • Application of genetic methods in fisheries management.

In Australia, Einar will be working on the drivers of population structure in Indo-Pacific populations of sharks.

Photo shows Einar with tiger shark material received from keen recreational fisher and collaborator Mark Mikkelsen from NSW. Thanks to Mark for sending this material and helping with the research project.