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Congratulations to Carolina Vargas-Caro – PhD success!

Congratulations to Ms Carolina Vargas-Caro for the successful completion of her PhD at the University of Queensland. Carolina was co-supervised by Mike Bennett of the Shark and Ray lab and Jenny Ovenden of the Molecular Fisheries Laboratory.   Photo: Carolina and Peter Last at CSIRO Fish Collection in April 2014 measuring skate specimens.

MFL provides new information for sustainable management of longnose skates

A team of MFL researchers, led by PhD student Ms. Carolina Vargas-Caro, has published new information to assist with the sustainable exploitation of Chilean skates. As a fishery resource, skates are susceptible to overexploitation. They often occur in shallow inshore areas making them easily accessible to fishers. Their rate of reproduction is slow and the number of […]

Genetics – a powerful tool for improving management of skate populations. Genética – una poderosa herramienta para mejorar la administración pesquera de poblaciones de rayas

The MFL team are putting the final touches on the genetic analyses of the Chilean skate project. Skates are threatened worldwide. There are many examples of management plans that do not provide enough protection against overfishing. The two species in Chile are a good example. New genetic data show several management units for Zearaja chilensis […]

eFish – the first genomic database repository for marine fishes

The Molecular Fisheries Laboratory at the University of Queensland has just released eFish. eFish is a virtual library of genomic data for marine fish species. It is a major part of the project “Genome diversity of elasmobranchs of the Pacific Ocean Rim: Bioinformatics for conservation and management of populations” led by Dr Carlos Bustamante at the MFL. […]

Shark and ray presentations at OCS conference in New Zealand

This week postgrads from MFL and the Bennett lab at UQ are presenting their work at the Oceania Chondrichthyian Society conference in New Zealand. Left to right: Safia Maher – tiger sharks, Deb Bowden – grey nurse sharks, Carolina Vagas-Caro – Chilean skates, Bonnie Holmes – tiger sharks, Kate Burgess – Manta rays Photo: Carlos Bustamante

Awards for MFL postgraduate students

Three MFL students have been awarded funds for travel and research. Carolina Vargas-Caro and Safia Maher received Student Travel Awards to attend the upcoming conference of the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society and Oceania Chondrichthyan Society at the University of Auckland 6 – 9th July 2015. Carolina will speak about her work on the population […]

Testing new microsatellite loci on the yellow-nosed skate from Chile

Laboratory analyses for the Chilean skate project are underway at MFL at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. This follows extensive field work and specimen collection at the end of 2014, led by Carolina Vargas-Caro and in collaboration with Chilean fisheries biologists. Carolina is testing a range of new microsatellite loci on the yellow-nosed skate […]

Working with skate fishers and scientists in Chile

MFL is undertaking a large project to study the population genetics of skates in Chilean waters. The information will be used by the Chilean government to regulate the harvest of these species to ensure sustainability into the future. MFL members Carlos Vargas-Caro and Carlos Bustamante have been working in Chile with colleagues to obtain tissue […]

Fisheries sampling underway in Chile

Carolina Vargas-Caro and Carlos Bustamante are in Chile to take skate samples from the fishery. Here Carolina is meeting with staff of the Universidad Austral de Chile. Permits have been organised and the sampling is scheduled to begin next week. The two target species are Zearaja chilensis and Dipturus trachyderma as part of the Chilean skate project to […]