Molecular Fisheries Laboratory

Genetics for fisheries sustainability

The Molecular Fisheries Laboratory is a resource for the sustainable harvest of wild fisheries and the conservation of marine species with scientific research outcomes utilising genetic and genomic tools.


Jennifer OvendenJennifer Ovenden
Jennifer Ovenden is an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) and founder of the Molecular Fisheries Laboratory. In 2020, she retired from full-time work.

Jess MorganJess Morgan
Jess has extensive experience working with DNA sequences from nuclear and mitochondrial genes and has also worked with mircrosatellites, SNPs, real-time PCR and quantitative PCR…
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Andy MooreAndy Moore
Andy is a scientist within the Fisheries and Quantitative Science branch within the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences…
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new-headshotEinar Nielsen
Einar Nielsen is a Professor and Research Coordinator within the Section for Marine Living Resources, National Institute of Aquatic Resources… 
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Christine Dudgeon

Christine Dudgeon
Chris’ work focusses on the ecology and evolution of marine populations and species, and their application to conservation…
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