Einar Nielsen

new-headshotEinar Nielsen is a Professor and Research Coordinator within the Section for Marine Living Resources, National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark (DTU-Aqua) at Silkeborg, Denmark. His research interests include the identification of genetic population structure in freshwater, anadromous and marine fish and the environmental and ecological drivers responsible for population divergence, understanding the genomic basis of adaptation and micro-evolution in marine fish and exploitation and the development of genomic tools for DNA and RNA analysis of fish, including DNA analysis of historical archived scale and otolith collections. Einar has several PhD students, including Alice Manuzzi (Project Tiger) who is co-supervised by Jenny Ovenden and others. Einar is an Associate editor of Conservation Genetics (since 2006), Fish and Fisheries (2013) and Frontiers in Marine Ecology (2014). He is an invited and keynote speaker at many national and international conferences meetings and symposia.

Einar is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland and key collaborator on Project Tiger.

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