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Product Traceability

Genetic tools can be used to test samples to see if they belong to populations or species of interest for enforcement and consumer confidence.
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Fisheries Stock Structure

Genetic is used to divide the range of a species into discrete demographic units (stocks) for population modelling and monitoring.
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Estimating Harvest Rates

Estimating the abundance of fisheries species is a key requirement for determining sustainable yields or environmental impacts.
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How Many Spawners?

NeEstimator V2 is a tool for estimating contemporary effective population size (Ne) using multi-locus diploid genotypes from population samples.
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  • Einar Nielsen is a Professor and Research Coordinator within the Section for Marine Living Resources, National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark (DTU-Aqua) at Silkeborg, Denmark. His research interests include the identification of genetic population structure in freshwater, anadromous and marine fish and the environmental and ecological drivers responsible for population divergence, understanding […]

    Einar NielsenEinar Nielsen

  • Andy is a scientist within the Fisheries and Quantitative Science branch within the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences. Andy has 19 years experience in fisheries science and population genetics at various institutions and has previously lectured in fisheries science and management and held several research fellow positions. He has been a […]

    Andy MooreAndy Moore

  • Dr Morgan completed her Doctor of Philosophy with Distinction in 1998 from the Department of Zoology,  James Cook University, Townsville, Australia. Her thesis title was: Evaluation of DNA sequences for solving taxonomic problems in trematodes, specifically echinostomes. Dr Morgan worked for two years in the Department of Parasitology at The University of Queensland then completed […]

    Jess MorganJess Morgan

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