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Problem downloading software?

While the majority have no issues, a few people are having trouble downloading software. We think that occasionally the server has exceptionally slow download speeds. This leads to get empty folders or software that doesn’t execute. If this happens, try downloading at another time. If that doesn’t work, use the Contact Us page and I […]

Major upgrade to NeEstimator software released today

NeEstimator V2 is a tool for estimating contemporary effective population size (Ne) using multi-locus diploid genotypes from population samples. By ‘contemporary’ we mean that the estimates apply to the time period(s) encompassed by the samples (ie. individuals sampled and genotyped). Version 2.1 is a major update on V2.01. The changes largely enhance the linkage disequilibrium […]

Minor Update of software NeEstimator v2.01 released

The NeEstimator software development team has released a minor update to version 2.01. There was a typo in the v2.01 code that caused the lower jacknife confidence interval to be printed as ‘infinite’ when the upper interval was infinite. This has been corrected. Another minor issue has been fixed also. Previously the software did not […]

New version of NeEstimator software (v2.0) available to download.

The development team of Chi Do, Robin Waples, David Peel, Bree Tillett and Jenny Ovenden have been working together since March 2010 to produce this major re-write of the original NeEstimator software. The re-write brings together three methods that produce estimates of effective size from a single population sample of genotypes. It also implements the […]