Field guide to the use of genetics in fisheries management (Jan 2014)

Genetics and the associated fields of scientific endeavour and knowledge are vital to successful long term fisheries management. The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) commissioned a review of the role that existing and future genetic technologies may play in addressing critical challenges facing the exploitation of wild fisheries.

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Final report – 2011-035 – Scoping current and future genetic tools, their limitations and their applications for wild fisheries management (July 2013)

This report consists of two major parts; a comprehensive review of genetic literature, and analysis and evaluation of consultation with stakeholders. The consultation involved both Australian and international stakeholders, including geneticists, fisheries scientists, fisheries managers (management and policy) and fishing industry representatives. The aim was to canvas perceptions about genetics and how it informs current and future fisheries management issues. Consultation was carried out in two parts: 1) an interview process using structured questionnaires, and 2) a workshop that discussed genetic technologies and interview results and identified potential solutions to knowledge gaps and blockages.
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