SHAZA (Shadow zone analysis)
SHAZA is a likelihood based genotype matching package available for wildlife recapture assignment and other forensic studies. It is highly suitable for non-invasive sampling where missing loci and or genotype errors are prevalent. The built-in simulation options make SHAZA a powerful statistical tool for testing experimental design.
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LocusEater (Shadowboxer)
LocusEater aids in the design of genetic mark-recapture experiments, by simulating the entire process from microsatellite locus panel design to harvest-rate estimation and includes a power analysis to estimate the level of sampling and processing required for a given level of precision in harvest rate estimates.
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The NeEstimator software estimates the effective population sizes (Ne) from diploid genotype data.
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NeOGen software is a population-simulation and power-analysis tool to explore effective population sizes (Ne) in iteroparous species with overlapping generations.
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