Current Projects

  • Project Manta

    Research to better understand and conserve our marine environment and to provide tangible international economic, social and cultural benefits.
  • Project GenoJaws

    Understanding the past and present population dynamics of top predatory sharks using genetics .
  • Shark Futures

    Research for the sustainable management of the NSW whaler shark fishery
  • Population units of Chilean skates

    Research to identify demographic and evolutionary units of the yellownose skate (Zearaja chilensis) and the roughskin skate (Dipturus trachyderma) between the regions of Valparaiso (33° S) and Magallanes (53° S), Chile
  • Project Black Marlin

    Population genetic structure in the Indo-Pacific
  • Stock structure of tropical reef fish

    Optimising the management of tropical reef fish through the development of indigenous scientific capability